Regions Hospital Research Intern Program

Starting the first week of June, Regions Hospital is offering a 12-month long paid research experience in their Critical Care Research Center. There are eight key areas within the clinic: Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Medicine, Surgical Intensive Care, Medical Intensive Care, Burn and Wound Care, Adult/Pediatric Trauma, General Surgery and Hospital Medicine. Within each of these areas are more specific areas of expertise that may be of interest to future applicants. There are nine physician investigators that work within their individual sections of research. The research that takes place in the clinic is implemented from the moment physicians see a patient, to the moment that patient leaves. What makes Regions Hospital Critical Care Research Center so special is their goal of improving patient outcomes and advancing medicine.

The Research Intern Program hours are Monday through Friday 3:00pm until 11:30pm or 11:00pm until 7:30am. Weekend shifts are the same but include a morning shift from 7:00am until 3:30pm. Eight shifts are required each month, three of which are to be completed on weekend shifts. Some key duties of this research position include, screening subjects, contesting and enrolling patients, data collection, chart abstraction and abstract/manuscript preparation. In the past, there have been unique educational experiences such as, shadowing, cadaver and sim labs, ambulance ride-along, and CPR, EKG and ultrasound training. This internship will provide you with hands-on, incredible experience that is crucial for continuing on in the medical field.

Another important aspect of the program is the way it is broken down into four quarters, that way you can know what to expect in the coming future. Each quarter is broken down into what to expect, learning experience and by the end of this quarter I will…. By using this quarter system, interns are able to set goals for themselves and they will know what they are working toward.

If intrigue comes to mind when reading this, applications are open until mid April and can be found online at

For further questions, please reach out to us at! We are here to prep you for your future endeavors and wish nothing but success moving forward with the application process!

Bryanna Sanders ’17


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