University of Delaware Workshop

Looking for summer plans? The Psychology Department has been informed of an outstanding opportunity for undergraduate students. The University of Delaware is having its 1st Annual Summer Workshop in Cognitive and Brain Sciences.

This program is run by the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences to give students a chance to explore their interest in cognitive research. From June 5th until June 16th, undergraduate students will immerse themselves fully into different trainings, which include formal coursework, as well as interactive teaching and hands-on experience with neuroimaging, non-invasive brain stimulation, cognitive neuropsychological research and so much more.

With many thanks given to the National Science Foundation for funding, participants will have their travel, tuition, room and board covered for the entirety of the two-week program. There will be a select number of students who will be given an opportunity to continue with cognitive research for the entire summer, at the University of Delaware. Participants will be provided a stipend.

All undergraduate students are highly encouraged to apply! Applications are due March 1st and can be found at For further questions, contact Drs. Jared Medina & Anna Papagragou at

Fellow Katies, if you need assistance apply or have questions, please reach out to us in the Psychology department at ! We encourage all of you to apply by March 1st!

Bryanna Sanders ‘18

English, German


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