Peterson & Sesma’s Research Paper Accepted

Professors Jamie Peterson and Arturo Sesma’s research paper, titled “Introductory Psychology: What’s lab got to do with it?” was accepted for publication in the journal Teaching of Psychology! The paper won’t be published until next year, but here is a sneak peak:

The American Psychological Association Board of Educational Affairs Working Group (APA, 2013) recommends providing some research experience to undergraduate students in the introductory psychology course. Peterson and Sesma’s nation-wide survey of introductory psychology instructors explored the frequency of:

  • Integrated research opportunities in introductory courses
  • Types of research activities included in courses
  • Instructors’ perceptions of the importance of providing research experience
  • Perceived barriers to integrating research.

They found that few of the introductory courses have separate labs (5%) but over 75% of the respondents indicated some manner of research activity integrated into their courses.  Most intro courses included opportunities to read and critique original research, but few psychology programs at the university level provided students with hands-on research, APA writing, or data presentation opportunities.

The General Psychology with Laboratory course at St. Kate’s continues to be a unique opportunity for St. Kate’s students learn about how psychologists ask and answer questions. The course is one of only a handful of programs across the country that provide students with laboratory experience at the introductory level.

Lauren M. Crepeau ’16
English, Communication Studies, and Women’s Studies

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